Tomorrow, 28 October, update 2.0 for the PlayStation 4 system software will bring with it a bunch of new features. Topping the list of new features is Sony’s Share Play, which was announced alongside the PlayStation 4 but never made it in time for the console’s launch.

With Share Play, you’ll be able to hand over the controls of a game to an online friend, even if that friend doesn’t own a copy of the game you’re playing. For example: you might be stuck in a game, so you link in your friend over the PSN to see if she can get you through the tricky sequence. You will have to have PlayStation Plus, but your friend won’t. Furthermore, you can also link a friend for some virtual couch-co-op. Both of you, however, will need to have PlayStation Plus, but only one of you will need to own a copy of the game.

Sony has released a little primer video of sorts that highlights how exactly this new feature works. The biggest question is how well it will work in South Africa: the land of crappy Internet connectivity.

It’s also worth noting that the Share Play session is limited to one hour. There are a number of questions regarding this restriction: is it one hour per 24 hours? Is it one hour per game per friend? Once the session is over, can you start a second one straight away?

We’ll know tomorrow once update 2.0 goes live. In the meantime, check Share Play out for yourself.

Other features coming to the PlayStation 4 tomorrow include: themes, a redesigned system Library, and music playback via USB storage.

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