New 1TB PlayStation 4 is coming, as is a lighter, less power-hungry version


Sony has announced that they will release a new PlayStation 4 console that packs a 1TB hard drive for those of you who are seriously ready to ditch physical for digital games. The new version is called the Ultimate Player Edition, which we’re guessing is meant to sound hardcore – or it’s aimed at Barney Stinson… we’re still trying to decide.

The new PlayStation 4 console has been confirmed for European territories (which we’re a part of thanks to Sony’s EMEA region groupings) and will land on 15 July. We’ll update this as soon as we know the release date and pricing for South Africa.

That’s not all though, as Sony has also announced a revised model of their standard PlayStation 4 offering. The new CUH-1200 series of PlayStation 4 consoles will utilise 8% less power and will weigh in at 10% less than the original PlayStation 4. What’s more, Sony has removed the glossy panel found in the original console, giving this new hardware revision a totally mat look. It’ll be available in black or white.

The CUH-1200 series is set to release in Japan towards the end of June 2015. North America, Europe, and other Asian areas will receive it at an unspecified later date.

Source: Sony & The PlayStation Blog