Funny thing: this bit o’ news was originally in the hands of Miklós. But then his laptop was possessed by the Force-ghost of Drunk Yoda, and now he’s in a bit of a pickle. A crappy, but hilarious pickle. Just look at this:

That’s pretty much the most amazing thing I’ve seen all day – and this morning I watched 20,386 cars assault a single TrackMania track, so that’s saying something. I’m stepping in so that Miklós and I can teach his laptop that it can’t keep an important news story down.

Walk with me so I can tell you all about Sony’s Christmas gift to itself.

Over the last six weeks of 2016, the global installed base of the PS4 grew by 5.7 million people. That makes 2015’s festive season the PS4’s most successful one yet, what with Sony having sold 4.2 million PS4s during its debut holiday in 2013 and 4.1 million during the same period of 2014. 2015’s hugely successful holiday sales brings the total number of PS4s in the homes of people across the world to 35.9 million. That’s very many PS4s.

It’s not only PS4 hardware that sold well: Sony estimates around 35 million software sales during the six-week period, spread across both physical and digital storefronts. Naturally, that number has grown alongside the user base, with 2014 having seen 17.8 million games sales throughout the holiday, up from 9.7 million in 2013.

Sony also reckons that PlayStation Plus subscriptions were up 60 percent compared to the 2014 holidays. I imagine everyone at PlayStation is enjoying an extensive high-fiving spree right about now.

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