Giblets: Overwatch’s Sombra can “hack” the Play of the Game for maximum ragelulz


Getting the Play of the Game razzle-dazzle reel in Overwatch is, like, the best part of the game because everybody has to watch you being totally awesome while they’re totally not. But new character Sombra has her own special zinger to make it even more humiliating for other players – one of her unlockable intro sequences makes it look like somebody else got the Play of the Game, only… NO, LOL, SHE DID. DENIED, NOOBS.

Eurogamer’s Chris Bratt demonstrates.

He explains that the intro actually hijacks the POTG from another player, but I don’t think that’s how it works – rather, the Sombra player gets it, but the game makes it look like the other player did before roflstomping all over their ego. Or, you know, everybody could use that intro and your TV would explode. Or something.

Sombra is available now on PC in the Public Test Realm, and is dropping for everybody else sometime soon.