Major Dark Souls 3 patch incoming, includes PS4 Pro support and a lot more

In case you somehow didn’t know, the epic achievement in gaming excellence that is Dark Souls 3 is getting its second (and last) DLC infusion next week, and it looks insane.

In preparation for the expansion’s release, From Software will be rolling out a huge patch for the game later this week. According to the developer, it’ll feature a ton of bug fixes and balancing changes, as well as a nice FPS boost for fans playing on PS4 Pro.

The patch notes were posted in Japanese to the game’s official site, and then translated by Bandai Namco and posted to the game’s Reddit under a heading titled – wait for it – “The Patches Notes”. The full list of changes is really extensive, but here’s the gist of it.

The patch mostly focusses on preparing the game for the launch of The Ringed City expansion, bringing two new arena maps for PVP along with it. It’ll also finally add PS4 Pro support to Dark Souls 3, which will increase the game’s frame rate across the board on the console. Next is an update to the game’s online multiplayer, with added passwords to make it easier to party up with your friends, as well as a bunch of general fixes. Other highlights include nerfs and buffs to weapons and armour, improved “bleed build-up of blood infusions,” improved poison build-up of poison infused weapons, and a reduction in weight for heavy armour along with a defence upgrade.

It’ll arrive on 24 March (Friday) and will coincide with server downtime due to maintenance on consoles and PC. Full details about that here.

Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City is expected to drop on 28 March.

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