Here’s a look at Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City’s new areas, PvP arenas, enemies, and weapons

If you’ve been following my harrowing tale of trying to finish Dark Souls III and its Ashes of Ariandel expansion before the game’s second DLC drops, you’ll know that there have been a few… hiccups. But stupidity aside, I finally managed to finish both recently, and now my hype level for The Ringed City is REAL.

Bandai Namco recently livestreamed some of the DLC’s major attractions. Naturally, I kept my eyes closed throughout most of the hour-long stream to avoid spoilers, but if you’re okay with ruining the surprises for yourself, hit the jump. In case I wasn’t clear enough, SPOILERS AHEAD.

The stream kicks off by showing off three of the new weapons included in the DLC, the first being an absolutely massive set of shields, a spear weapon called Lothric Banner with the ability to up your damage, and the Ringed Knight straight sword, which just sounds all kinds of badass. There’s also footage of two new miracles, including the Lightning Arrow and Projected Heal.

Next up is a look at two new PvP arenas, The Dragon Shrine and The Grand Roof. Anyone who owns the season pass or either of the two DLC packs will be granted access to the arenas. A big change coming with the DLC is the ability to matchmake with your friends, as opposed to the current random team allocation.

Lastly, the Bandai Namco team heads into single player and one of the first areas players will encounter, which includes a boss fight, so there’s no way in hell I’m watching that.

Dark Souls III: The Ringed City will be out on 28 March.