Darkest Dungeon’s next expansion is out of this world

The last time I wrote about Darkest Dungeon, I admitted that it was “my kind of thing”. It’s a hardcore dungeon-crawling RPG that is constantly throwing obstacles and challenges at you, just daring you to press on and survive. It’s not the kind of game you play until you win, it’s a game you play until you lose. Anyway, the next expansion is going even more Lovecraftian, and sees your party investigating a crashed comet in The Color of Madness.

According to a post by developer Red Hook Studios, the next expansion kicks off when a “hateful shard of alien origin” crashes into the Miller’s house near the unlucky village of Hamlet. Everyone who witnessed the comet crash has gone blind (finally giving credence to my Day of the Triffids x Darkest Dungeon fanfic), and the residents of the Miller’s house have gone full-zombie.

New gameplay additions involve a new quest type that sees your party attempt to reach the comet, as space and time are contorted by sinister forces. This seems to act as a score-attack mode, and the announcement post mentions competing in a leaderboard. The former residents of the Miller’s farm now form a new enemy type, and new items and trinkets will be available to purchase. Red Hook hasn’t confirmed that new characters will be joining, but they have hinted that they are aiming for an early 2018 launch date.

Darkest Dungeon is available now for iOS, PC, PS4, XBO, and a Nintendo Switch port is on the horizon.