PlayStation Experience 2017 keynote recap

Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2017 took place at the Anaheim Convention Centre in California this weekend, and rather conveniently it was far away from the fires raging through the coastal state at this moment. Although not a typically strong end to the year for Sony, the company decided to change things up by allowing the developers of some of their biggest releases for 2018 to come up on stage and just talk. The banter is fun and light, and Hideo Kojima makes an appearance. I’ve summarised all the important bits for you, so hit the jump.

“Is this a furniture convention?”

PSX 2017 is Sony’s biggest show to date. On their first day, they had lined up about seven hours of special shows and panels outside of the main keynote. In their stage area they had a number of “experiences” for audiences with complete sets built for Days Gone, Shadow of the Colossus Remastered, God of War, and The Inpatient that visitors can explore. The Inpatient in particular has you sit in a wheelchair while a nurse from the game takes you around the inside of the Blackwood Pines Sanatorium as if you were a real inpatient, just like the game.

Pretty neat. Also on the show floor were 80 PlayStation VR games on show, which if you remember from Sony’s recent announcement of their PSVR sales, is more than half of all the games they have available for the platform. Pretty incredible.

Firewall Zero Hour for PlayStation VR (2018)

The first game reveal of the night was Firewall Zero Hour, a PSVR exclusive game that has eight players team up SWAT-style and battle each other in a 4v4 mission, very similar to Rainbow Six: Siege. The first gameplay look is short, but you can see that there are objectives and points where players will need to defend a position on the map, and you get to plant booby-traps for your opponents. There’s a lot of tactical gameplay as well, including the ability to fire around corners and being able to shoot behind you if you’re using a VR headset and the PlayStation Move to control your character.

The Last Guardian experience for PlayStation VR (12 December 2017)

A free game, Sony’s Worldwide Studios team working on The Last Guardian took the time to make a VR experience for players who love The Last Guardian. It’s about half an hour of actual gameplay, but it will be free on 12 December 2017 from the PlayStation Store. It’s really just a tech demo, but it’s also Sony’s way of playing around with the engine that powers the game to see what else they can do with it.

Wipeout Omega Collection for PlayStation VR (2018)

For Wipeout Omega Collection, Sony announced that they’ve added in a new cockpit view for the game coming in an “early 2018” update, with an additional VR component if you happen to be playing with a headset. We might see the words “vomit-inducing” in some re-reviews before the year ends. It’s not Star Wars Podracer, but I’ll take what I can get.

“You have to supply your own air sickness bags, we can’t give you any help with that,” says Sony Interactive Entertainment America boss Shawn Layden. Thanks, Shawn.

Shots fired at EA

Ayyyy LMAO.

Sony’s studios under the WWS brand have exchange programs

Though not strictly game-related, during the God of War panel it was revealed that Sony’s studios under the Worldwide Studios banner have regular exchange programs where employees in different studios get swapped around to work on different projects and in different environments. The program encourages deeper learning experiences and better co-operation between studios, especially in places where they might share game engine technology and other software expertise for the PlayStation consoles they work on. Guerilla Games and Sony Santa Monica, in particular, have a permanent program where employees get to switch sides or visit each other’s studio.

PSX 2017 plays Detroit: Become Human

This was a great idea. Maybe, finally, David Cage has produced a game worth playing. Detroit: Become Human launches in 2018.

Donut County for PS4 (2018)

Now you’re thinking with portals! Donut County is an adorable puzzle game where you use a portal to what is, in all likelihood, another gateway to the Bikini Bottom Triangle, allowing you to use portals to move and affect other in-game objects. Donut County will also arrive on Steam and iOS.

Jupiter & Mars for PlayStation VR and PS4 (2018)

An aquarian adventure like no other, Jupiter & Mars tells the tale of two dolphins who seem to be biologically altered, and go on an adventure exploring the ruins of mankind after an apocalyptic event. I’m not saying it might have a surprise twist like Hatoful Boyfriend does, but it looks like there’s more to this than just swimming around as a dolphin in VR.

Blazblue Gross Tag Battle for PS4 (2018)

It’s like Tekken, but with characters from the Blazblue universe. Context isn’t needed.

Soul Caliber VI for PS4 (2018)

I’m not a Soul Caliber fan or player, so I have zero idea who these characters are or whether this actually looks good to the average Soul Caliber fan.

Monster Hunter: World x Megaman for PS4 (26 January 2018)

The title is confusing, but you’ll understand once you watch the trailer.

Hideo Kojima explains Death Stranding

You know about the trailer already, but here’s the mastermind himself talking about it. No-one is still sure what’s going on. Even Mark Cerny has no idea.

Actually, he doesn’t explain it. But that’s part of the charm of a Hideo Kojima game. It makes no sense. Kojima does explain the use of the Decima engine created by Guerilla Games, which they borrowed after asking Mark Cerny what they could use in Sony’s software stable.

You get the impression that Kojima wasn’t happy at Konami for a very long time.

Medievil Remastered for PS4 (2018)

Mhhh! Mmmm mhm mhhhhm hmm. Ham hm. Mm? Hmhmhmhmhm!

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