Kung Fury

Kung Fury 2 production starts hacking back in time in July

The long awaited sequel of the hit short movie Kung Fury is finally going into production on 29 July, starring time-travelling expert Arnold Schwarzenegger, David (The Hoff) Hasselhoff, Eiza Gonzalez, Michael Fassbender, and of course Swedish filmmaker David Sandberg as Kung Fury. Filming will take place in Germany and Bulgaria. Get ready for some kung-fu mayhem in what may be the most historically accurate comical representation of the 80s to date.

Co-written by David Sandberg and Tyler Burton Smith, the original Kung Fury takes place in 1985 and follows the supercharged kung-fu master cop Kung Fury as he sets out to destroy the Kung Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. Along the way, he gets help from characters like Hackerman, Triceracop (shockingly played by a Triceratops), and Barbarianna. The film was crowdfunded through Kickstarter in 2014 and came out in 2015 on Youtube, garnering over 35 million views and an 8-star rating on IMDb.

No release date for the sequel yet, but it’s certain that Kung Fury 2 will be hitting the big screens sooner or later. Watch Kung Fury right now, you’ll thank us later for getting you on the hype train. Time travel, minigun-wielding vikings on dinosaurs, and the most realistic hacking scene of all time. What else could you possibly want? Of course, no laser-shooting raptors were hurt during the making of this movie, but a lot of Nazis were.

Via Ars Technica, Hollywood Reporter.

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