Boet Fighter’s launch press release is a work of aaart

Launched on Steam today, Cali4ways Games’ debut klap-’em-up Boet Fighter is the flippin’ tittest thing out of Benoni since Charlize Theron. And it’s not even out of Benoni.

I don’t usually copy-paste press releases like this because I’m, like, a professional or whatever, but this thing deserves much more than the dubious prospects of SEO optimisation proposals and Nigerian prince love letters in my email inbox:

This press release serves to deliver upon you, the greatest flippin’ news you will ever hear in your LAAF, boet! You maaght wanna jol a armchair for this one, charna, because it’s flippin’ incredible.

Today, South African, saad-scrolling, creatine-klapping, moering-okes video game, BOET FIGHTER, is faanally OUT! Release date: Today, boet. October 08, 2019.

BOET FIGHTER is now available for PC on Steam, for the laah, laah praace of just R200.

This 100% locally ninjaneered game follows the adventures of absolute legend and Schweetest Oke in All of Foruways™, Hard Eddy, and his best charna Modise “Mod-C” Cele, as they leave no boet unklapped on a sacred quest to find and retrieve his stolen binnet. All we know, is that out on the jol at local naaghtclub, William The Boets™ one Fraaday naaght, she left with an unknown – but incredibly handsome and ripped – alpha-male, while Hard Eddy was pre-occupied dribbing some okes to faand out of they had tuned him.

Their adventure then sees the Daanamic Duo klap their way through William Nicol Draav, Active Titness Gymnasium, LS Pawk, and many other epic stages set throughaat Jolhannesburg, that we don’t wanna tune okes about yet, so they still baah the game to faand out how kak-funny it really is.

It’s taken 18 months of intense compound upper-body lifting, with intermittent cage faaghts and occasional, laaght juicing, to klap BOET FIGHTER to completion… but it’s faanally here!

When you have stopped rejoicing, please tune all of your charnas, and then go and klap our game. Please and thank you.

We’re very excaated, and we really, really hope you skeem our game is TIT.

Boet Fighter is out now on Steam.

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