Marvo MG010 RGB XL gaming mousepad review

800mm x 310mm x 4mm
Cloth with rubber base

In my review of the Evetech Lekker XXL gaming mousepad, I was impressed with the sheer affordability of extra-large gaming mousepads these days. Well, now we have a mousepad which may be a little smaller, but has something that’s not all that common – full RGB lighting around the border.

Compared to the Evetech Lekker XXL, the Marvo MG010 RGB is 130mm shallower and 1mm thinner, but the thickness difference is frankly inconsequential. The Marvo pad is just as comfortable as the Evetech pad, but where it does fall short is the depth – that 130mm difference feels huge considering I’m used to an XXL mouse pad. The base is rubberized and it’s equally as grippy as the Evetech pad, so it won’t be sliding around the desk when you’re gaming.

The RGB lighting controls are located on the left-hand side of the pad which makes sense unless you’re a left-handed mouse user [like me – Ed], which could cause problems. The single button allows you to cycle through the modes or just turn the lights off completely, and the pad features seven static colours and five different spectrum cycling patterns. Sadly, even though there’s a USB cable to plug into your PC, it’s purely to power the mouse pad, and there’s no option to manually create your own custom lighting.

So, is the Marvo MG010 RGB worth your hard earned rands? If you’re crazy about RGB and want to bring those elements to your desk (ignoring that your mouse and keyboard are likely RGB-flavoured too), then this pad will help bring that unmistakable glow to your desk. While it’s not quite as big as I’d like, it’s hardly too small, and wide enough to easily accommodate a mouse and keyboard.

Smaller than the Evetech Lekker XXL, the Marvo MG010 RGB delivers RGB lighting on a reasonably sized mousepad at a price point that makes it hard to pass up.
RGB lighting
For only R199!
Great surface
On the small size
No custom lighting option
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