A new musical puppet show blames Michael Jackson’s child sex abuse scandal on glove-shaped aliens who must feed on “virgin boy blood”, so that’s provocative

A spaceship crashes in Gary, Indiana. Helpless and hungry, its extra-terrestrial occupants must find a source of nutrition, in exchange for their one viable local currency – a series of top ten megahits, sold-out world tours, and an extravagant plastic surgery budget. What would you do for fame?

According to For the Love of a Glove: An Unauthorized Musical Fable About the Life of Michael Jackson, As Told by His Glove, a show by stage writer and film director Julien Nitzberg, the King of Pop’s limits were conveniently flexible.

“[The glove] can give people magical musical talent if it drinks their blood and has part of their body inside of it,” Nitzberg tells The Hollywood Reporter. “But it can only feed on virgin boy blood.”

And so, Jackson made a Faustian deal, conspiring in secret to accommodate the questionable culinary requirements of his bedazzled glitter-glove patrons.

The production’s, uh, unconventional narrative also includes themes of racism, religious oppression, and cultural appropriation, Nitzberg explains, and features 20 original songs and a cast based on members of The Jackson 5 and 80s teen idol Donny Osmond, TV stars Emmanuel Lewis and Corey Feldman, and Bubbles the chimpanzee.

It opens on 25 January in Los Angeles.

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