LOL Qiyana Prestige Skin

There’s a Louis Vuitton x League of Legends fashion collection and I just can’t even anymore

You know all those LOL players that can afford a $5,600 (R80,000) jacket or $730 (R10,000) bracelet bag? Yeah, this is for those people. Those people that totally exist.

Louis Vuitton already partnered with Riot Games to create a Prestige Edition champion skin for League of Legends’ Qiyana, so now there’s a luxury fashion collection, inspired by the game, as well. It’s called LVxLOL and it totally speaks to the average, rich AF, LOL player.



The collection totals 47 products, including a $1,890 (R27,000) moon bag, a $485 (R7,000) pocket square, and, the least expensive, a $170 (R2,400) bandeau.

Somebody who cares about fashion, who is also a LOL fan, please tell me if any of this is, even remotely, something you’d consider wearing. I NEED TO KNOW.

Via Business Insider.

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