A woman on Twitter is sending nudes to people who donate to Australian disaster management charities, so I guess 2020’s social media has already reached its climax

Proving that modern problems require modern solutions, The Naked Philanthropist has launched an unconventional crowd-funding campaign to help out with the country’s bush fires, promising to exchange photos of her, uh, bush fire for a minimum $10 contribution.

Australia has been burning since September, with 20-something people and an estimated half-billion animals killed, and over 1,400 homes destroyed since. Realising that thoughts and prayers were not adequately mitigating the epidemic, this Twitter user has ingeniously volunteered the services of Super Vangaroo, the real hero.

According to The Daily Dot, this intrepid proposal resulted in a donation boost of about $300,000 and who even knows how much… you know, fluid. What’s the water content of that, anyway? Maybe there’s one more unconventional crowd-funding campaign we’ve missed.

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