Win: a Redragon H301 SIREN2 gaming headset

Gaming headsets. They’re totally a thing. After well over a decade of extensive headset testing, we’ve discovered that some gaming headsets are naturally delicious – particularly the ones that’re stuffed full of marshmallow instead of icky, soulless foam padding. Sadly, the brutal truth is that marshmallow headsets don’t appear often, which means the vast majority of gaming headsets taste like month-old tofu sushi wrapped in bits of plastic and sadness, and almost all of them require some form of condiment to be rendered even remotely palatable.

Last Friday, Michael Reed took Redragon’s SIREN2 7.1-channel gaming headset for a mouth-spin, and his verdict was something along the lines of “it’s quite nice, yes”, which probably means Redragon’s opted to run with the marshmallow thing. This is important, because we’ve got good news! Those delightful humans over at The Gadget Shop have very generously given us a quite-nice Redragon SIREN2 to give away to one lucky human reading this right now. It could be you! Maybe. Who knows!

Follow me for DETAILS and stuff.

Right, now that we’ve got… whatever that was out of the way, you should do two things. First, read Michael Reed’s review of the SIREN2, because he reckons it’s quite nice. Second, check out the Redragon website for the lowdown on what to expect from the SIREN2 in terms of specs and overall sexiness.

All done? Good.

If you want to rub your hands and/or ears and/or tastebuds all over your very own super-duper free SIREN2 headset, all you’ve gotta do is leave a comment below. Bonus Points to anyone who can correctly tell us which of the many, many headsets out there is the most healthy and nutritious option to include in all home-cooked meals. And yes, there is a correct answer. But no, those Bonus Points don’t matter, because at some point in the near future, we’ll randomly draw a winner.

Okay GO!

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