Playdate is a console by Panic Inc

Panic is cranking up the novelty factor with Playdate

Panic Inc. is probably best know for their macOS and iOS software, but probably also for their first video game, Firewatch. Well, they wanted to do something different, so they’ve just announced Playdate; a little, yellow, hand-held console with a crank.

The Playdate has a black and white screen, two buttons and a D-pad, and is small enough to fit in your pocket (if you’re not a girl lol).

The crank may resemble the one on that batteryless radio you bought during loadshedding, but it’s actually a control used in some of their super secret games. The only one they’ve mentioned so far is Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure, where the crank is used to manipulate time. The Playdate comes with 12 new games included in the price, one coming out each week, delivered directly to the device.

I haven’t held it in my actual paws, but the photos suggest a lack of ergonomics that could potentially lead to hand cramp. Otherwise, maybe it’ll be a fun little thing if you’ve got cash to spare. I don’t see it threatening the smart phone game market anytime soon, though, since it costs $149 (a little over R2000), and it can’t even take pictures of my cat.

The Playdate will ship a very limited run early next year.

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