This extraordinary collection of Apex Legends concept art is a reminder that making games involves a lot of work that most people don’t even think about

From the desks of over 30 character, environment, and 3D model artists at Respawn Entertainment’s LA studio, this is the one side of game development that everybody kind of forgets. Because a game is much more than its code, and without some kind of visual presentation, it would probably be a lot less impressive.

“The path of becoming ‘Champions’ in Apex Legends is filled with challenges, revives, and long odds. Game development is no different,” explains Apex Legends art director Todd Sue over on ArtStation. “Our art department’s success depended on the epic talent and skill of our artists and the force multiplier of strong individual initiative, collaborative attitudes, and having each other’s back.”

Announced and launched simultaneously on 4 February, Apex Legends has become an almost instant mega-phenomenon, clocking an astounding one million players within about eight hours – a number that’s now up to 50 million and counting. But how many of you ever stopped for even a moment to appreciate the fashionably distressed paint finish on Devotion? Now you can make up for that.

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