EA’s new financial report awkwardly excludes Anthem, Dragon Age 4, and Mass Effect

The publisher’s third-quarter results are in, and despite some big numbers for games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, FIFA, and Apex Legends, and almost $1 billion banked with microtransactions, its conspicuous omissions are… conspicuous.

EA’s revenue in this 2019 period clocked in at $1.593 billion, according to Gamespot, with its “live services” constituting about $993 million of that – this includes microtransaction sales, mostly via its FIFA, Madden, and NHL sports game franchises. As expected, perhaps, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Apex Legends boosted those income stats too, with Need for Speed Heat and The Sims 4 also credited on the company’s top list.

But what about BioWare? As one of EA’s subsidiaries, the studio’s reputation has declined in recent years, starting with the controversial launch of Mass Effect 4 in 2017, and the even more controversial launch of Anthem in 2019. Although new Dragon Age and Mass Effect games are in development, EA isn’t talking about them for some reason. And Anthem? Who even knows.


Anthem is dead. Dragon Age and the next Mass Effect game, whatever it is, probably won’t be out this generation, so maybe EA is saving up for E3. Or maybe not. Maybe BioWare is dead too.

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